Inbound Marketing

Correctly implemented an Inbound Marketing campaign will allow need to drive revenue, reach the right customers, and harness the power of your online activities.

That's all very well, as a statement, but how does it work?

As the person in charge of your marketing, you know that you need to get your message out to your potential customers. After all if they don't know about you, how on earth will they choose you cut their lawn, provide their cleaning products, or build their next hotel? However as a consumer or business the last thing you usually want, is to be bombarded with adverts or sold to - more commercials anyone?

That's (in part) because traditional marketing channels are now saturated - and considered disruptive. This is as true online as it is anywhere else. The desires of the you as a company, and your potential customers are not yet lined up. Inbound Marketing takes this conundrum and turns it on its head. It allows you to position your expertise in way that helps your audience, builds trust and positions your products and services in the right place at the right time - when your potential customers are making buying decisions. So how does it work?

In essence, it's a strategy driven by the creation of meaningful content. You share your expertise and knowledge in return for an increasing level of information - directly proportional to the value of the information you are providing.

You can create infographics, animations and explainer videos that people want to see. Instead of buying expensive adverts and billboards you can create an informative blog that helps people identify their problems and solutions. Instead of interrupting people with telephone calls you can instead become known as a definitive source of information, expertise and trust for your industry.

Do this well, and over time your customers will be qualifying themselves and instead will be reaching out to you.

Genima have the know how and expertise to turn these concepts into an actionable strategy for your business. We work closely with Hubspot, a leading provider of tools to help you deliver inbound marketing. In combination with our expertise and technical services, Genima's relationship with Hubspot can enable you to transform your marketing activities online.

When working with your website, social media, or eCommerce store, we can deliver the tools, concepts and strategy to drive your online success. Through the use of marketing automation, outreach and timely Calls to Action and Landing Pages we can deliver your marketing online, or inform, educate and support your own people and resources.

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