Forena. A Swedish word meaning unite, or the name of Drupal module that allows incredible reporting and data analysis irrespective of source.

At Genima we have been fortunate to work extensively with David Metzler (The brainchild behind Forena) on an extensive Forena implementation for our clients Impact Learning over the last year or so. In the process we have been amazed at the capabilities of this powerhouse of a module, bringing enterprise level reporting, analytics and data management to Drupal's already strong content management and information capture capacity - without the need for expensive propriatorey business intelligence tools or licenses across your organisation.

Our work with Impact Learning demonstrates the power of the solution:

Impact Learning fuels innovation in work related performance training across large organisations. They do this in part by performing a detailed breakdown of the work of a group of employees into discrete tasks and measuring proficiency within each task. By analysing the employees necessity of further training within subsets of each task, they then extrapolate the employees proficiency within several task spanning skillssets, and maps the employees’ training needs, on both the individual and organisational level.

Impact learning analyse training performance across large organisations. They do this in part by collecting data and performing a detailed ongoing break down of an individuals practice around the tasks and activities inherent in thier job roles. By understanding the proficiency inherent in the underlying skills and tasks, they perform a complex analysis based on social theory and applied performance to deliver huge value to clients. The data and understanding they deliver allows training to be structured correctly at the company, organisational department, or even the individual user level.

The system delivered by Genima in partnership with Impact Learning, is based on core Drupal and the Forena module, and is augmented by bespoke customised modules using PHP, Javascript and SQL. It is able to handle the vast datasets and performance required, whilst maintaining the ease of use, agility and the separation of data concerns needed. Above all its easy to use by end users, clients and internal Impact staff alike - meeting the needs of the business.

"What we appreciate most in working with Genima is their commitment to providing a system that satisfies both the technical needs of the system, as well as the personal needs of the user. Genima has repeatedly proven themselves in providing great solutions to our problems, and in working with us to provide a product that surpasses our expectations. Their technical expertise, flexibility and commitment has made us very confident in our choice of supplier, and the quality of our product."

What could Forena and Genima do for you ?

Want to report in real time on stock levels,  warehousing data or financials? Check.

Want to distribute different analytics securely amongst teams based on role? Looking for drill down reporting and dashboards?

We have the solutions! If you have a need for reporting and analytics for your business, or application, talk to us today about your challenges and see where we can help!