After much debate and soul searching, we have focussed on Drupal as our core platform for most development at Genima.

Drupal is a great choice for companies of any size - Its doesn't have a license fee, it's a world class Content Management System, it can be easily adopted by organisations to manage their own content, processes and workflows, and with some development expertise you can make it do almost anything - and do it well.

That said it must be understood that aside from the basics Drupal is a framework, it's not always an out of the box solution without configuration or development - and at Genima we have the expertise to make it work for your business.

Why Drupal?

There are a multitude of reasons, but at its core its simply because the power and flexibility of Drupal 7, and of the forthcoming Drupal 8 release is hard to beat.

Drupal is cutting edge open source software at its best, meaning that it is maintained and developed by in excess of 1,000,000 users and developers worldwide.

This model assures that people are constantly evolving Drupal, keeping it both cutting-edge and fit for purpose whilst also supporting the latest web technologies. Its wide adoption (as of May 2015, 1,143,726 active installs were reported by the Update Status module) makes it battle tested and it is considered secure enough for organisations such as The Whitehouse & The Economist .

Drupal with Drupal Commerce is also a world class eCommerce platform.
Sites such as Bodhi & Birch, Open Sesame and Lush show the flexibility (and scalability!) of Drupal Commerce.

Finally Drupal has another trick up it's sleeve - its not just simply a tool to build responsive websites, brochure ware or eCommerce platforms. It's a heavyweight workhorse.
Drupal can be configured to deliver amazing workflows, document management, content staging and deployment or rich data. Want to work in other languages?

Meet Enterprise or Governmental Specifications for Interoperability and open standards? Drupal delivers all of that and more. Simply take a look at our own work with Impact Factors and Forena, or drupal.org to find out more!

From small start-ups, to eCommerce, to heavyweight solutions, we use Drupal to help you solve one consistant question. What do you need to achieve?